Monday, December 11, 2023

Omid Scobie shows 'signs of tension' as 'Endgame' creates troubles

Omid Scobie shows signs of confusion and stress as 'Endgame' comes out

Omid Scobie shows signs of tension as Endgame creates troubles
Omid Scobie shows 'signs of tension' as 'Endgame' creates troubles

Omid Scobie is spotted visibly stressed as his new book titled ‘Endgame,’ backfires.

The book, that was seemingly supposed to be an inspection into royal family, has come under the radar after revealing senior Royal Family members who were said to be racists to Meghan Markle while she was still in the UK.

Upon his recent outing in Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, CA, Scobie was seen stressed.

Body language expert Judi James notes: “When his book was first published Scobie seemed to be confidently soaking up the spotlight and enjoying all the camera attention.”

Judi exclusively told The Mirror: "Here though his body language dynamic seems to have shifted."

"Instead of greeting the cameras with his signature boyish-looking smile his eyes are turned away, with a much less relaxed and more wary-looking expression," she continued.

"His lips are parted but not in a smile any more and there are signs of tension in the way his jaw is held. This is a more evasive look and his expression suggests he’s not having quite so much fun here," Judi concluded.