Nourish your locks: List of Best Foods for Hair Growth

Farheen Qureshi
Nourish your locks: List of Best Foods for Hair Growth
Nourish your locks: List of Best Foods for Hair Growth

Beautiful, healthy, long, and strong locks are not something that can only be inherited genetically. Yes, you read that right! While it is a fact that your genes play an important role in you having gorgeous hair, but maintaining them requires a balanced diet.

Your nutrition plays a crucial role in keeping your hair strong and healthy. Most of these foods include eggs, leafy green vegetables, and fatty fish. In this piece, you will learn all about food that can not only boost the appearance of your hair, but will also help in hair growth.

Does nutritional deficiency affect our hair?

Yes, it does! What you consume greatly influences many bodily functions, including hair growth. While factors such as overall health, genetics, environmental exposure, and medications can impact your locks, you may not have control over them. However, your nutrition is within your grasp to monitor, especially if you are anxious about your hair.

If your diet lacks in right nutrients, you might suffer hair loss. Hence, it is important for you to consume food rich in certain vitamins and minerals that play important role in hair follicle growth cycle and in cellular turnover.

Research shows that a lack of essential nutrients such as vitamins B12 and D, biotin, riboflavin, iron, and others can result in hair loss.

List of foods that help in hair growth


Eggs have protein and biotin that are important for hair growth. While protein plays a crucial role for hair follicles, biotin supports keratin production, improving hair growth in deficiency.


Berries are great source of Vitamin C, that has strong antioxidant properties, which helps protect hair follicles.


Spinach gives you nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C. All of these nutrients play vital role for your hair growth.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, said to be of important when it comes to hair growth. Also fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel, are great sources of protein, selenium, vitamin D3, and B vitamins.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellent provider of beta-carotene, a compound converted by our body into Vitamin A, helps with hair growth.

It is pertinent to note here that while Vitamin A is important for hair growth, too much Vitamin A can also lead to hair loss. So consume carefully.


Avocados are rich in Vitamin E which is said to be good for hair growth. While avocados are delicious to eat, an average sized avocado can fulfil your need of 28th of daily Vitamin E intake.


Nuts are also great providers of Vitamin E while also being rich in B Vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids, all link to good hair growth.


Seeds contain Vitamin E, zinc, selenium. All these nutrients are vital for your hair growth. Only 28 grams of sunflower seeds covers your 50% of your daily Vitamin E needs, along with a wide range of B Vitamins beneficial for your hair.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers are rich in Vitamin C which is an antioxidant potentially important for hair growth. It also plays important role in boosting collagen production, contributing to strengthening of hair strands.


Oysters are sources of Zinc, a mineral that helps support the hair growth and repair cycle.

Some other food important for hair growth includes beans, soya beans, meat, Greek yogurt, lentils, collagen peptides, whole grains, carrots, cinnamon and more.