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King Charles is facing an ‘unwelcomed' shock while needing some calm

Experts fear King Charles is facing a very unwelcomed shock during his cancer treatment

King Charles is facing an ‘unwelcomed shock while needing some calm
King Charles is facing an ‘unwelcomed' shock while needing some calm

King Charles has allegedly been feeling a very ‘unwelcomed shock’ since his cancer diagnosis.

All of this has been shared by royal commentator Sarah Vine.

She broke her silence over everything in a candid piece for The Daily Mail.

It featured a take on the King’s procedure and included the claim, “While the King’s procedure to treat an enlarged prostrate was successful, the medics have identified a new problem which will require urgent treatment, putting him out of action for the foreseeable future.”

“Inevitably, this comes as an unwelcome shock, not just for the nation, still very much in mourning after the death of his mother, but also for the Royal Family itself, which has only just been getting back on its feet after a really horrible, painful few years.”

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All in all, “there is a silver lining: By all accounts this problem has been identified early, and should therefore respond well to treatment. Still: Of all the challenges that could have faced the King in the first 18 months of his new reign, this is perhaps the least expected.”

“Because while it’s true that he came to the throne as the oldest person ever to accede to the British crown (having also been the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history), he has always been in rude health, leading – like his mother – a scrupulously wholesome, active lifestyle.”

Still, “It’s quite a blow,” Ms Vine chimed in to say before adding, “Not only to the Royal Family themselves, and in particular to poor Queen Camilla, who must be worried sick; but to us all, and especially so soon after the loss of his dear mother, our rock throughout the decades.”

“In these anxiety-inducing times, with terrible, turbulent events taking place all over the world and at home, one feels more than ever the absence of Her late Majesty’s calming, reassuring presence.”