Emma Stone didn't think she was good enough for 'Poor Things'

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Emma Stone didnt think she was good enough for Poor Things
Emma Stone didn't think she was good enough for 'Poor Things'

Emma Stone was skeptical about playing Bella Baxter in Poor Things (2023).

The 35-year-old actress, who has won a Golden Globe and BAFTA award for her role as the leading actress in the movie, recently sat with director Yorgos Lanthimos for a chat with Variety.

During their conversation, Emma recalled how anxious and doubtful she was about playing the titular role.

“I felt like I was failing her in the first week, and failing Yorgos. It was just difficult. I could talk to him about it," she said and added that the portrayal wasn’t initially up to her own standards.

She further recalled, “I think because I had lived with her in my mind for so long and I was so deeply in love with Bella, it terrified me not to live up to her as a character.”

However, thanks to Yorgos, the Oscar-winning actress was able to talk things out with him which helped her regain confidence.

“I could talk to Yorgos about it, and we were able to discover as we went. And because it's a safe environment, it doesn't feel rushed,” she explained.