Prince Harry was allowed 'temporary' return to King as Meghan Markle stayed in US

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Prince Harry was allowed temporary return to King as Meghan Markle stayed in US

Prince Harry reportedly had to take special permission from Meghan Markle in order to visit King Charles in the UK.

The Duke of Sussex, who recently paid a visit to the UK, knew his wife would not accompany him.

Expert Tom Quinn tells Mirror: "Even if Harry was allowed back temporarily his wife would not be part of the package," Quinn tells the Mirror. "Harry will not move back to the UK without Meghan – not even for a few months. But he had to make the offer because anything else would have looked callous and uncaring."

"Harry knows he will never be allowed to be a permanent part-time working royal staying six months in the States and then six months in the UK," Quinn says.

“The family no longer trust him and, besides, Meghan is absolutely against it. There is far too much bad blood now for it to be even a remote possibility,” he notes.