Angelina Jolie ‘hell bent' on destroying Brad Pitt's relationship with kids

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Angelina Jolie has not given up on creating a rift between her kids and ex-husband, Brad Pitt, as insider says their ongoing custody battle is “fragile as ever.”

Recently, the Fight Club alum was reunited with two of his six kids at his California home where they connected over pizza and snacks, reported In Touch Weekly.

Pitt is rarely seen with his kids out in the public and there have been no appearances of them together since the actor parted ways with their mother.

Revealing why he does not step out with his children, an insider revealed that even though Pitt has visitation rights to his youngest kids, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, he likes to keep his relationship private to avoid “conflict” with Jolie.

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“He definitely doesn’t want to rock the boat regarding his visitation rights, which is why he closely guards their privacy and hasn’t even taken the children out in public, even though Angelina is seen with them relatively often,” they said.

The insider added, “He doesn’t want to give her any ammunition that would jeopardize his seeing them.”

The source went on to add that “the ongoing custody battle with Angelina is as fragile as ever” and Jolie is adamant on destroying whatever is left of his relationship with his children.

“[Angelina] still seems hell-bent on destroying him and has been scolded for jealously sabotaging his relationship with the kids in the past, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she tried again,” they said.