‘Egoistic' Prince Harry told comparison to Diana is not justified

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Prince Harry has been called out for comparing himself to Princess Diana amid security battle.

Former royal butler, Paul Burrell has branded the Duke of Sussex ‘egotistical’ for claiming he is in a greater security threat than his late mother.

He said: "I think quite frankly the British public are sick and tired of 'Ginge and Whinge' and wish they would stay in America because if you stayed there, you wouldn't have to suffer the indignity of coming to Britain."

He went on: "It's egotistical of him to think that he was in a greater risk than his mother," w

In their response statement after losing his security battle against the Home Office, Harry’s lawyers announced: "The Duke of Sussex will appeal today’s judgment which refuses his judicial review claim against the decision-making body Ravec, which includes the Home Office, the Royal Household and the Met Police."

"The Duke of Sussex hopes he will obtain justice from the Court of Appeal, and makes no further comment while the case is ongoing,” the statement concluded.