WATCH: Cats dead scared of cucumbers go viral, but why? here is the answer

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Videos capturing cats' dramatic responses to cucumbers have become an internet sensation, with a dedicated subReddit, 'CucumbersScaringCats', showcasing owners testing the cucumber trick on their feline friends. 

According to the Independent, certified animal behaviourist Jill Goldman shed light on the phenomenon, explaining that cucumbers trigger cats' natural startle reflexes. When placed near their eating areas, the startled cats may leap away, associating the space with safety and security.

Goldman suggested that the cucumber's elongated shape might evoke an instinctive fear of snakes, potent predators in the wild. Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of "Think Like a Cat," added that the confusion caused by placing cucumbers near feeding spots might contribute to the cats' alarmed reactions.

Both experts emphasised the importance of considering the potential stress inflicted on animals during such experiments, urging caution in creating unnecessary anxiety for our feline companions.