Meghan Markle poses for honesty, ‘vulnerability' on Archetypes first look

Meghan Markle changes her style to be better version of herself

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Meghan Markle’a new image for the cover of Archetypes shows the Duchess in a celebrity avatar.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is all set to bring in the new season of her podcast this year, showcases herself in emotional honesty.

Speaking about the mother-of-two , body language expert Judi James tells the Mirror: "The photo itself suggests a calm confidence and low key power. Meghan’s nearly-nude face and white vest combo is currently very much on-trend with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. It’s a counter-intuitive fashion statement that they use to signal a ‘stripped-back- to-basics’ look of emotional honesty and ‘purity’ of spirit. When an A-lister starts doing this look you just know they will soon be pitching some life homilies at the fans."

She adds: "Meghan leans slightly into camera to create a look of sharing one-to-one. There is the partial barrier of one bent arm but her tentative, subtle smile suggests she will be spilling as much about herself and her own experiences as she will be listening. It’s a softly attractive look that manages to combine presenter confidence with some traces of emotional vulnerability."