Elon Musk's X Corp loses lawsuit against hate speech watchdog

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Legal setback: Musks X faces defeat in battle against hate speech critics.—Reuters/File
Legal setback: Musk's X faces defeat in battle against hate speech critics.—Reuters/File 

A US judge dismissed Elon Musk's lawsuit against a nonprofit group that accused him of facilitating a surge in hate speech on his social media platform X, formerly Twitter.

Judge Charles Breyer of US District in San Francisco said that a plaintiff’s motive is evident when it sues the defendant for the defendant’s speech.

According to the X Corp, the data collection methods of the Center for countering Digital Hate (CCDH) have a direct influence on the company’s reputation and advertiser appeal, Judge Breyer asserted.

X Corp, owned by Musk camp claims to be petitioning the decision, this is yet another victory for the tech central character who has stood out as the defender of free speech. 

The resistance which Musk encountered when he bought twitter in 2022 is due to the fact that he is accused of handling misinformation and harmful materials. 

Imran Ahmed, the CEO of CDCF, celebrated the verdict as a confirmation of the main idea that the social media platforms should be made accountable for their ethics. 

Meanwhile, the plaintiff's counsel by the name of Roberta Kaplan said that the decision exposes Musk as a schemer who cannot bully the system to do his bidding.

Musk's takeover not foreseeable

The panel also prosecuted X for ECF elimination, discarding that of information gathering illegal conspiracy. X's legal staff member, Nathaniel Bach, speaking in favor of the dismissal of Musk's case, called out the lawsuit "frivolous." 

The woes continue for Musk as his scandals have been piling up, most recent being his endorsement of the antisemitic content on X in 2023.

The case of the student provides examples of such an interference, yet also demonstrates the complex problems that digital governance and accountability at a time of the dominance of social media may bring.