WATCH: Suspect stuck in wires amid police chase in Washington

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Authorities in Washington said that officials were chasing a thief who got stuck in the telephone wire in Vancouver after the suspect broke into a vehicle and stole things from it.

According to authorities, the Vancouver Police Department received a report of a vehicle break-in that sparked an hours-long chase of the suspect. The reports indicate that the suspect also stole a bike from a nearby yard.

Among the police was also a neighbor who chased the suspect as the suspect ran on foot and threw the bike away.

The suspect was identified as Romando E Stanley. An official was sent to respond to another crime scene where a person matching the suspect’s description snatched an employee’s cell phone, punched it into the chest, and ran away on foot.

Later on, the authorities were sent to a third location where a similar suspect was causing property damage to other buildings by throwing bricks from the roof.

Eventually, Stanley tried to cross the street by using the telephone wires and held on to them, for around 45 minutes.

The crisis negotiators tried to get Stanely safely on the ground and protect them from falling. Meanwhile, authorities parked a Vancouver Fire engine to “break his fall”.

He was taken into custody as he lost his grip and fell on the fire engine.

He was booked into the Clark County Jail for Robbery II, Theft II, Theft III, and Malicious Mischief.