Warning: Bluetooth speakers pose risks to pets' well-being, study finds

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Pet owners beware: Bluetooth speakers could harm your beloved companions.—Reuters/File
Pet owners beware: Bluetooth speakers could harm your beloved companions.—Reuters/File 

The ubiquity of Bluetooth speakers in households poses unforeseen risks to pets, according to a recent study by Genode

Despite their convenience, these devices can inadvertently jeopardise the well-being of pets, emitting ultrasonic frequencies that are imperceptible to humans but audible to cats and dogs.

As people and animals have developed unique audio frequency hearing systems, they hear sounds differently than one the other. Not only humans hear from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but pets, such as cats and dogs, bleed their ears up to 65 kHz and 45 kHz respectively. 

That is why, the bass tone of the Bluetooth speakers idle tunes is over 23000 Hz which can disturb the nervous system, distorting sleep patterns and advice hearing damage to pets.

The process of being exposed to these high-frequency sounds all the time would lead them to demonstrate some behavioral changes and health ailments as indicated by symptoms like restlessness, scratchiness, and the development of anxiety, aggression, and hearing losses which cannot be reversed thus affecting their lives negatively. 

The masterminds have come up with some guidelines to avoid these risks their strategic location far from pet`s resting areas, controlling usage and complete shut off when not used.

Similarly, changing the beats of the Bluetooth speakers, if applicable, and checking pets for the indication of distress aids in minimising the exposure to the harmful ultrasonic emissions. 

While pet lovers and guardians discover several Bluetooth capabilities in their homes, vigilance and precautionary steps become important points to safeguard the health and wellness of their companions.