WATCH: Penguins extend romantic gestures toward their partners

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A beautiful video went viral on social media showing the penguins at the Detroit Zoo expressing sweet gestures toward each other as they were extending presents to their partners.

In the video uploaded on TikTok, the caption read: "The penguins were gifted some ‘lucky charms to give to their mates during nesting season!"

The video showed that a person dropped Multi-colored painted pebbles into the penguins’ enclosure. After seeing them on the grounds, the birds went for them and picked the one of their liking.

After selecting what pebble they liked, they then brought it to their other partners leaving the viewers delighted by the sweet gestures toward their mates.

"Imagine painting a rock and then finding out a penguin uses it as an engagement rock," a user wrote in the comment section.

Another wrote: "Not me getting engaged the same day as penguins." 

While another said: “Oh to be a little penguin picking out a pretty rock for my love.”

These occurrences are not only confined to the Detroit Zoo but take place across the world.

Gifting pebbles strengthens their relationship with other partners with whom they are going to start a family. With the help of pebbles, they form their nests.