WATCH: AirPower prototype emerges with amazing revelation

Impressive how prototype is charging Apple Watch

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American tech giant Apple discontinued its AirPower in 2019, a mere two years after it was released for users, but now several types of devices are coming up.

A recent video on X, former Twitter, showed one of such prototype devices charging an Apple Watch Series 4.

It is impressive to see how this prototype is charging the Apple Watch as it is not compatible with Qi chargers. The charging suggests that this device is something near to that AirPower.

Several other videos have also shown the prototypes of AirPower however, this one has shown one working in an Apple device.

This prototype is equipped with 16 coils, charging a Prototype Apple Watch Series 4 (DVT).

The iPhone-maker’s AirPower was released in 2017 for the first time to wirelessly charge Apple devices, including watches and AirPods, simultaneously on a pad.

Being Qi meant that the charging pad could also provide power to non-Apple products, such as Android smartphones, nevertheless, the actual benefit was between Apple devices.

The purpose for which the AirPower was brought was to make wireless charging intelligent, allowing the pad to identify which device has been put on it and then offer enough amount of power.

The official explanation amid the cancellation of AirPower was "it failed to meet Apple’s standards".