Bill Gates finds Artificial Intelligence 'amazing thing'

Microsoft founder tells Sam Altman that he "didn't expect ChatGPT to get so good"

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Bill Gates admires ChatGPT in a new statement. — Reuters/File
Bill Gates admires ChatGPT in a new statement. — Reuters/File

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an amazing thing, as per Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who was hosting OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

However, he was "very sceptical" about ChatGPT at first and hadn't anticipated it to get "so good".

The tech tycoon also voiced his concerns about the new and quickly advancing technology "with no upper bound" in an edition of his podcast, Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates.

"The idea that it achieves human levels on a lot of areas of work, even if it’s not doing unique science, it can do support calls and sales calls. I guess you and I do have some concern, along with this good thing, that it’ll force us to adapt faster than we’ve had to ever before," he said.

Bill Gates's admiration for AI goes a long way. Months before this statement, he informed about the benefits of the new technology in the field of medicine.

He said: “In addition to helping with care, AIs will dramatically accelerate the rate of medical breakthroughs. The amount of data in biology is very large, and it’s hard for humans to keep track of all the ways that complex biological systems work. There is already software that can look at this data, infer what the pathways are, search for targets on pathogens, and design drugs accordingly. Some companies are working on cancer drugs that were developed this way.”