Idaho woman, 85, hailed as hero for fighting home intruder in Bingham County

Elderly woman defends home from intruder with 357 magnum revolver

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Elderly woman fights and kills intruder while defending her home. — Kifi Local News 8/YouTube
Elderly woman fights and kills intruder while defending her home. — Kifi Local News 8/YouTube

An 85-year-old woman from Idaho has been hailed a hero after she defended her home from an intruder in Bingham County while her disabled son was also home, People reported.

Last month, a man who has been identified by authorities as Derek Condon broke into Christine Jenneiahn property at 2am while she was sleeping in her bedroom.

In a recent incident review by Bingham County Prosecutor Ryan Jolley, it was revealed that Jenneiahn was woken up by a man dressed in a military jacket and ski mask.

He had pointed a gun and handcuffed her to a wooden chair in her living room.

"Subsequent investigation indicates a strong likelihood that Condon struck Christine in the head as she lay in her bed, as there was blood on the pillow and floor in her room where she had been sleeping," Jolley said.

"Condon then asked her where the valuables were kept in the home, and placed his pistol against her head after she told him she didn't have much. After telling Condon that there were two safes downstairs in the home he left her handcuffed in the living room."

While Condon searched Jenneiahn's home, she retrieved her 357 magnum revolver and hid it between the arm rest and cushion of a couch in her living room next to where she was seated.

After waiting for the right moment, she decided to draw her concealed 357 magnum striking him with both her shots.

Condon returned fire with his 9mm pistol, striking Jenneiahn multiple times in her abdomen, leg, arm, and chest and then went into the kitchen where he died from his wounds. 

She fell to the floor handcuffed in the living room and remained there for approximately 10 hours and then called 911 after son came upstairs in the morning and gave her a phone.

Deputies arrived at 12:17pm and provided lifesaving measures to her.

Condon was found to be carrying a lock pick set and a bag of stolen items.

Prosecutor Jolley praised Jenneiahn's "heroic acts of self-preservation", adding that her "grit, determination, and will to live appear to be what saved her that night."

Jenneiahn's case was ruled as "justifiable homicide," the Bingham Country Sheriff's Office said in a statement on Facebook.