An elaborate layout of awareness for you against hepatitis and its types

Here is a guide to understanding hepatitis, its types, causes and preventions

Sadaf Naushad
An elaborate layout of awareness for you against hepatitis and its types
An elaborate layout of awareness for you against hepatitis and its types

Understanding Hepatitis: What is it?

Hepatitis is identified by the inflammation of the liver which can be caused by a number of different factors. Particularly its name is derived from the liver cells that are termed as hepatocytes.

Hepatitis is a significant global health concern. It has different types with respect to its various forms, each having its distinct causes and implications.

Types of Hepatitis:

1. Hepatitis A: 

It typically occurs through contaminated food or water, though it bears severe symptoms, this infection heals on its own in most cases.

2. Hepatitis B: 

This is an ailment caused by viral activity, usually transmitted through bodily fluids into the host. Hepatitis B can develop into a chronic (prolonged) infection, leading to long-term liver complications, if left untreated.

3. Hepatitis C: 

Hepatitis C occurs from blood-to-blood contact, most commonly from wounds or used injections. It is also a chronic infection which can lead to liver damage over time, potentially being a factor for liver failure or cancer.

4. Hepatitis D and E: 

Both of these are relatively less common forms of hepatitis, and typically occur in conjunction with hepatitis B where Hepatitis D is cause by fecal transmission while Hepatitis E gets transmitted via the oral route.

Causes and Prevention:

The most common cause for hepatitis is a viral infection however other factors such as alcohol consumption, autoimmune diseases, contaminated food and water as well as certain medications can also contribute.

Hepatitis can be prevented quite easily by getting vaccinated against its virus, known as hepatovirus, practicing safe intimate activities and most importantly, avoiding sharing needles.

Hepatitis and life:

Hepatitis is one of the most common and prevalent diseases in the world, however an understanding of its nature, types and causes aids the implementation of preventive strategies.

Eventually, awareness and information on Hepatitis can lead individuals and communities to work on reducing the ratio of this condition globally.