Uncovering the depth behind what causes depression

Here is an elaborate guide to understanding what is depression and how to deal with it

Sadaf Naushad
Uncovering the depth behind what causes depression

Uncovering the hidden depth of depression:

Depression is quite a common terminology heard from every second person you come across.

Even though people usually perceive it as a feeling of sadness, depression goes beyond that. It is a deep and extensive condition that affects mental, physical and emotional well-being of an individual.

By nature, depression drains a person of their ambition, energy, hope and will power, making even the simplest of tasks feel overwhelming.

Addressing the building weight of depression within:

As a person plunges in depression, they experience a consistent sadness, lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed as well as overwhelming fatigue.

Depression also takes a toll on the physical health characterized by changes in sleeping patterns, appetite and weight.

It is like a silent battle a person fights, with outsiders oblivious to how the condition is consuming the very light a depressed individual bears.

Self-reflective understanding of depression:

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 280 million people in the world suffer from depression which can be triggered due to various factors that vary in nature.

Usually, social and psychological factors from daily life stress to extremely traumatic experiences can lead to depression.

Additionally, the mental ailment can also be induced due to genetics however, in itself, depression is a complex interplay of elements that makes every individual’s suffering and experience personally different.

Healing paths to recovery:

Suffering from depression is nowhere easy and it takes great courage as well as immense self-reflection to recognize it.

Addressing the problem medically involves seeking professional help, which usually is a combination of therapy and prescribed medications.

Taking care of yourself in depression:

Even though depression can be cured through medical support the bravest thing an individual can do throughout the entirety of their healing process is to not neglect self-care.

This would involve basic deed such as not skipping meals, keeping yourself hydrated and performing seemingly small tasks such as combing out your hair or moisturizing your skin.

Establishing a close and trusted circle of friends along with professional guidance is also a crucial part of the healing and understanding journey.

Every little step taken, whether it is crying to a friend, taking care of yourself or going to therapy to address depression is a step towards healing.