Inside 100-year-old UK train station transformed into £23m luxury hotel

From tracks to tranquility: UK's historic train station revived as hotel after dramatic transformation

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100-year-old Canfranc Station revived as new hotel that opened its doors last year. — Express UK via Barcelo Hotels

Canfranc Station, a 100-year-old European rail travel icon, has been transformed into a luxurious hotel, Express UK reported.

The station has witnessed trains filled with gold that the Nazis stole from the Jews during the Second World War, with some estimates reaching 86 tonnes.

The station, which has now been transferred into a luxury hotel, is located in Aragon Valley, against the Pyrenees mountains.

The station, inaugurated in 1928 by King Alfonso XIII and the president of the French Republic, Gaston Doumergue, was an opulent rail hub with 365 windows and a 200-meter platform for trains departing from France or Spain.

It was closed in 1970 after bridge was damaged and left to decay for over 50 years.

Station concourse has been transformed into hotel reception. — Express UK via Barcelo Hotels

However, the Barceló hotel chain acquired the property and restored the station to its former glory.

In conjunction with the Aragon regional government, the company converted the station into a 104-room hotel five star hotel, which opened last year.

It boasts a wellness area, including a pool and three restaurants and the station concourse is now the hotel reception.

Architects Joaquín Magrazó, Fernando Used tried to preserve station's original character. — Express UK via Barcelo Hotels

The hotel also has a 200-seat conference centre, a railway museum, shops and a refuge for pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela.

The hotel was designed by the architects Joaquín Magrazó and Fernando Used, who tried to preserve its original character.