King Charles' cancer blamed for increasing Prince Harry estrangement

Experts believe it is due to King Charles’ cancer that he’s allowing his estrangement with Prince Harry to increase

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King Charles' cancer blamed for increasing Prince Harry estrangement

Prince Harry’s estrangement despite being only two to three miles away from his father in the UK has sparked a number of conversations, and even led experts to question whether it is the fault of his cancer.

Royal commentator and expert Richard Kay issued these comments regarding the shifting tides in Buckingham Palace.

He broke everything down in his piece for The Daily Mail and it talks about the ‘very telling reason’ for the royal breakdown between Prince Harry and the rest of the royals.

“It is, of course, convenient to blame a busy schedule for ­everything.” Mr Kay said referencing the King’s garden party which was held at the same time as Prince Harry’s thanksgiving service for the Invictus Games.

In the eyes of the expert, “Even with the acknowledgement that Harry recognised his father's 'commitments and various other priorities', the nuance in the bulletin was clear: the failure to meet was not Harry's fault. So much for olive branches.”

“What then is going on, and what do events tell us about the state of relations between the exiled Harry, his father and the rest of the Royal Family?”

Because “One conclusion would suggest that, far from his hope of reuniting with his father in the wake of the King's cancer diagnosis, the illness has, if anything, added to their estrangement.”

With the way things played out the same expert also went on to note, “Although little more then three miles from Buckingham Palace, he might as well have been on a different continent as far as meeting his family was concerned.”