Oregon man finds extravagant stuff worth thousands of dollars from abandoned storage

Man buys storage units and finds $70,000 worth designer clothes

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Man accidentally discovers thousands of dollars worth new designer goods. — SWNS via NYP

A 37-year-old man in Oregon bought an abandoned storage unit for $410 in an auction, but he did not know that he was buying treasure for just a hundred dollars.

Earlier, Wade Venture had bought some 400 to 500 storage units but this time it was filled with something people struggle to buy, reported South West News Service.

The resident of Portland was quoted by the outlet as saying: “It’s rare to find a unit like that in particular, often you find household stuff or trash.”

He told the service that he donates the stuff he finds inside the units but this time, he may not be willing to give designer clothes worth $70,000 to charity.

"People think I’ve been doing this so long I’ve seen everything, but I’ve never found a unit like this before."

While looking into the units, he discovered over 400 pairs of footwear, including brands such as Gucci and Coach, and $8,000 worth of fur coats and other items, many of which still had tags on, reported the New York Post.

According to Venture, he normally found 30% new and 70% used stuff but this time, everything was fresh, also mentioning that the previous owner was a particular shopper.

"She wasn’t just buying run-of-the-mill stuff; she was shopping at Macy’s and JCPenney."