TikTok's timely new update may 'kill' YouTube

ByteDance-owned company set to break YouTube's monopoly

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TikTok takes aim at YouTube with critical new video-length update. — Reuters

World’s widely used video sharing platform TikTok has announced a major leap forward in its plans as the tech race heats up.

The ByteDance-owned TikTok has turned its guns at Google’s popular video application YouTube by offering users to upload hour-long videos, the company told TechCrunch.

TikTok is gradually expanding its features as it increased the video length in January to half-an-hour clips for some users, however, other people can upload 10-minute-long shorts.

"If TikTok launches the 60-minute upload limit videos, networks would no longer have to break up an episode into multiple parts," TechCrunch reported.

Google-owned company to face competition from TikTok. — Reuters

For creators on the platform, they need to buy a subscription for 20-minute-long video uploads.

Shou Zi Chew’s company commenced its tech journey with vertical and shot videos however, it has significantly expanded its footprints, giving tough time to other giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with its reels.

Now it has moved its attention to providing its users with a YouTube-like experience.

The users on TikTok received notifications from the platform earlier this year about content boosts if they uploaded horizontal clips instead of vertical ones.