'Bridgerton' star Emma Naomi reveals her character's dilemma in season 3

'Bridgerton' actress Emma Naomi's character face intense pressure from the Queen in season 3

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'Bridgerton' star Emma Naomi reveals her character's dilemma in season 3

Bridgerton actress Emma Naomi recently shared insights into her character, Alice Mondrich's challenging decisions in the third season.

As face intense pressure from the Queen, Naomi explained the situation.

The third season begins with Alice and her husband Will Mondrich (played by Martins Imhangbe) receiving an unexpected inheritance for their young son, Nicolas.

However, the Queen disapproves of Will continuing to run his gentlemen’s club. Lady Danbury advises Alice to persuade Will to relinquish the club to secure their new social standing.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the actress emphasized the gravity of Alice's situation, explaining, “I think it would be a huge statement to go against that advice. It's not just a family decision but a social, maybe even political statement. Supporting Will’s dreams means risking their place in society.”

“He's sacrificed so much, we both did, to get where we are now. But the bigger goal is to support our children and give them a good life. It’s a sacrifice we have to make,” Naomi said.