Cat awarded 'Doctor of Litter-ature' degree

Vermont State University honours campus cat with honorary doctorate

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Max the cat is now 'Doctor of Litter-ature' — thanks to Vermont State University. — Vermont State University/FB

Max the cat, a purr-ecious member of its community, has been awarded the honorary degree of "Doctor of Litter-ature" by Vermont State University ahead of its human students' graduation ceremony.

Vermont State University's Castleton campus is recognising the friendly feline for his companionship rather than his mousing or napping accomplishments, according to an Associated Press report.

“Max the Cat has been an affectionate member of the Castleton family for years,” the university said in a Facebook post.

Max the cat's degree will be handed to his owner Ashley Dow. — Vermont State University/FB

The beloved tabby cat tabby is owned by a family that lives on the street that leads to the entrance to the Vermont State University campus.

“So he decided that he would go up on campus, and he just started hanging out with the college students, and they love him,” Ashley Dow, the owner of the cat told the Associated Press.

Max the cat gets honorary doctorate. — Vermont State University/FB

The tom cat has been the campus social butterfly for around four years, and students light up whenever they find him idling along their way. 

They can't resist picking him up for selfies, and he loves tagging along on tours with prospective students who gather at the building right across from his family's house, the owner said.Dr

Dr Max roams around the campus after graduation. — Vermont State University/FB

“I don’t even know how he knows to go, but he does,” Dow said. “And then he’ll follow them on their tour.”

Even former students, whenever they are back on campus, visit Dow, who is known as Max’s mom, to get an update on their kitty buddy.

Max's degree will be delivered to her owner Dow as the university does not plan on inviting the cat to the graduation ceremony.