What to expect in new Android 15 and when will it be released?

Google set to roll out new Android update in October

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 Google's Android 15 is in beta testing. — Unsplash

After a recent mega event of Google I/O 2024, new information emerged about the latest update in the Android operating system.

According to a report by Tech Radar, Android 15 could enhance the battery life of your smartphone, by as long as three hours.

The latest changes in Google’s widely used operating system can allow smartphones to turn to low-power doze mode faster than those using Android 14, allowing mobiles to save their battery.

Currently, the Android 15 is in beta testing with the report claiming that some tested phones showed the extension of battery life by three hours.

This is exciting news for Android users if such a feature is being developed, allowing the mobile phones to last till late at night.

Nevertheless, it should be known that if the update is received, the mobile phones will not promptly show the battery life boost but it indicates that the overall performance of the device will be improved which would allow the battery to last longer.

The last Android version 14 was rolled out in October 2023 therefore, we should expect the latest one to follow the same month this year.