What do we know about Jeff Bezos's three private jets?

Amazon-founder's latest private planes are worth millions of dollars

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CEO of Blue Origin Jeff Bezos owns three private jets including two Gulfstream G650ERs. — Reuters

Amazon founder and the CEO of Blue Origin Jeff Bezos travels around the world in three of his private jets that save him time and ensure his security, according to Business Insider.

Among three luxury jets, two are Gulfstream G650ERs worth $65 million each, as this plane is the preference of the world’s rich people including SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

G650ER is used because of its high speed and long range, as it can fly as far as South Africa, Beijing, and Dubai, the aircraft’s website noted.

The airliner only requires refueling stop while travelling to Australia and Southeast Asia.

Gulfstream G650ER can travel 690 miles per hour. — Gulfstream website

The range of the 22-seater will be decreased if it travels on its top speed, which is equal to 690 miles per hour, however, the jet can still fly for 7,365 miles.

Such jets are very limited in the aerospace market and can make people fly for over 10 hours.

The third plane of Jeff Bezos is the Pilatus PC-24. The 10-seater was built in 2020 and is worth $9 million.

Pilatus PC-24 can fly for a maximum of 2,200 miles. — Pilatus Aircraft

This jet can fly for a maximum of 2,200 miles, as refuelling is required when the 60-year-old billionaire travels between his Miami home and Amazon's Seattle HQ.