Prince William fails to ease Kate Middleton's pain amid pressure to resume duties

Kate Middleton struggling with pressure and self-doubt amid cancer treatment, says source

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Prince William fails to ease Kate Middletons pain amid pressure to resume duties
Prince William fails to ease Kate Middleton’s pain amid pressure to resume duties 

Kate Middleton is reportedly going through a tough time as pressure to resume royal duties has taken a toll on her mental health that even Prince William cannot help.

While the Princess of Wales prioritizes her health with preventative chemotherapy, William takes on additional responsibilities to support her and fulfill his own duties.

However, William has failed so far in easing Kate’s pain as insider claimed that the Prince’s support and sympathy makes the mother-of-three “question everything.”

According to Life & Style, William has been away from home to fulfill his royal obligations while also filling in for Kate and so her “main support and shoulder to lean on isn’t always around.”

And though Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, has been helping care for the Princess and her kids, “William’s absence makes things more difficult,” they added.

The insider said Kate has told William about the pressure she’s been feeling to return to Royal duties and he “was sympathetic and supportive, insisting she stop worrying and take as much time as is needed.”

But, instead of feeling “wholly reassured,” his response “made her question everything,” the insider said, adding that she feels she has no value without her titles. “She’s spiraled at times.”