Have you ever suffered third-degree burns just by eating fruit?

British tourist feels like he came under acid attack after eating THIS exotic fruit in Mexico

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Have you ever suffered third-degree burns just by eating fruit?
Man burns his lips and hands after eating cashew apples in Mexico. — Pexels 

In a bizarre turn of events, a British tourist has reported to have suffered third-degree burns after eating an exotic fruit in Campeche, a Mexican port city on the Gulf of Mexico.

Thomas Harold Watson was walking in a Mexico market during his trip to the North American country when he saw a stall where a seller was offering cashew apples, reported Southwest News Service.

It is usually said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but this time, it was not the case.

The 28-year-old told the outlet: "I could not believe the pain just from biting into one case.”

The construction worker shared his picture on social media showing how he was affected by the fruit.

He said: "You can eat the cashew apple fruit, it’s meant to be a bit bitter. I’d heard about it but never tried it in the flesh, so I bought it, went for a walk and started eating a few different fruits."

Recalling the experience, he noted: “I thought I’d open it up — it felt like a passion fruit, and I bit into this sac which exploded straight away. Instantly it felt like fire, I could feel this fire going across my mouth.”

When the Briton woke up the next day. his face was burnt similar to that of an acid attack.

“When my lips were all burnt they literally felt like they’d be dissolved, it felt like my lip had gone like baking paper for three or four days,” Watson said.

He suggested that it’s always good to eat local food and fruits but knowledge beforehand would prevent any such bad experiences.