Why orcas attack boats?

Orcas get bored so they attack vessels for fun, revealed new report

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Why orcas attack boats?
Experts answer why orcas attack vessels. — Reuters

Incidents of orcas attacking boats have been on the surge for the last four years, sinking vessels and putting the lives of people onboard in jeopardy.

The motivation behind the attacks of orcas has been understood which caused grave danger to the people voyaging on the coasts of Portugal and Spain.

The report released by the International Whaling Commission revealed that orcas attack vessels because it is their fun moment to play with rudders.

"The sea is a very boring place for an animal," researcher Renaud de Stephanis, president of Spain’s Conservación, Información y Estudio sobre Cetáceos, told USA Today, adding that "imagine if you’re a dog or some other mammal, you can interact with objects around you. But in the sea there’s not much for the orcas to interact with, so they play with the [boat] rudders."

An expert Alexandre Zerbini was quoted by the New York Post as saying: "Since the young regional marine mammals have time on their hands, they’ve turned the act of jutting rudder pieces loose into an aquatic sport."

"We think the orcas are getting something out of it, they are enjoying what’s happening. They’re playing," he said, adding that "obviously, they don’t understand that that play can mean harm to the boats."

Orcas started imitating each other’s behavior, therefore the incidents have surged, as per Naomi Rose of the Animal Welfare Institute.