Kensington Palace reacts to major claim about Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is said to be in the US for cancer treatment

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Kensington Palace reacts to major claim about Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace has reportedly debunked rumours about Kate Middleton being in the UK for her cancer treatment.

Among many wild theories surrounding the Princess of Wales, one suggests that she is in the US for the cancer treatment, which is why she has not been spotted in the UK recently.

TikToker Amanda Matta has weighed in on the rumors, supporting the idea that Kate was recently in the US.

She referenced a Reddit post alleging that the Princess of Wales stayed at The St. Regis Houston, adding fuel to the fire.

She read of Kate, the Princess of Wales, in the viral video, "Was visiting friends at the St. Regis this weekend and they had spoken of her being at the hotel.”

“Has anyone else heard this? Assuming she would be here for treatment. Hoping for the best outcome for the family," it added.

However, news outlet, KHOU11, dismissed reports of Kate being in the US, citing Kensington Palace as their source.

The outlet claimed that they have contacted their BBC sources, who confirmed that Kate, the Princess of Wales, has not traveled outside the UK.

Additionally, the reporters attempted to get a statement from the university hospital, but its representatives declined to comment, citing patient privacy concerns.