WATCH: Donald Trump faces Logan Paul with angry face

Donald Trump also gifts controversial social media influencer a T-shirt with his mugshot on it

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Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a Logan Paul's podcast in this image released on June 12, 2024. — Instagram/@loganpaul  

A video went viral on social media platforms in which former US president Donald Trump was seen meeting professional wrestler Logan Paul Wednesday.

In the clip also released by Trump’s team on Instagram, the 77-year-old faced the 29-year-old wrestler with serious facial expressions.

After coming face-to-face, the video showed that both started laughing and hugging each other. Trump also gifted the controversial social media influencer a T-shirt with his mugshot on it.

In another short video, the business mogul was seen handing Paul a mugshot T-shirt and a signed hat, with bottles of Paul’s viral hydration drink in the background.

“Is this your mugshot? No way! You’re a gangster!” said Paul.

The clip uploaded by Trump’s team showed both of them face-to-face in front of Paul’s WWE United States Champion belt before laughing and embracing each other.

The former president also encouraged President Joe Biden to also appear an on Paul’s show, before adding, “You know how much chance you have of getting him on? I’d say less than 1%, okay?”

The podcast of the four-time indicted former president on Paul’s Impaulsive is set to be published on Thursday.