'Bridgerton' star reacts to major book-to-screen modification

'Bridgerton' main lead broke silence on viral gender-swap decision

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Photo: 'Bridgerton' star reacts to major book-to-screen modification

Simon Ashley, the actress who played the main female lead of Netflix Bridgerton season 2, shared rare advice to Masali Baduza.

For those unversed, Masali Baduza will be playing Francesca Bridgerton, played by Hannah Dodd, in season 4 of the regency era show.

As she attended a press meeting at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Simon Ashley gave rare advice to the new casting in a chat with People Magazine.

She kicked off the discussion by saying, “I think to be just deeply proud about what you're representing, and [know] that many people are going to be so seen by the story that you're going to be telling.”

“And that we're all here with open arms and so excited,” the 29-year-old actress added.

Speaking of the gender-swap decision regarding Baduza’s character, Michaela, she continued to address, “I think this is what the world needs more of, more representation.”

Alli Victor, the actor who played Francesca’s suitor and husband in season 3, also remarked when asked about this major change, “Oh. I was like, ‘Yo, that's really cool.’”

He also addressed, “I was told that they're going to switch up a bit before we did any of that filming, and it was quite nice.”

“It was really pleasant to sort of read that introduction. I don't think they could have done it in any other way. So yeah, I'm really glad, and I was really excited," Alli explained before resigning from the chat.