Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Kati Marton appreciates PM role in pursuing Wali Babar case

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said journalists are vibrant part of the society and it is the government's responsibility to provide them safe and secure environment.

He was talking to Kati Marton the widow of late US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Executive Member of Council for Protection of Journalists (CPJ) along with its four member delegation here at the PM House.

Mrs. Kati Marton appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's resolve towards strengthening the democratic institutions in Pakistan. She also appreciated his role in pursuing the case of journalist Wali Khan Baber which resulted in conviction of his killers and gave a strong message to the international community about rule of law in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said in order to provide more secure environment to the media persons the government was establishing a commission of media persons public figures and government members which would propose measures to be adopted by the government to protect journalists in the field and ensure their well being.

The Prime Minister said the commission will also suggest ways and means to effectively oversee monitor prosecution of crimes against journalists. He said he wanted to make Pakistan a journalist friendly country where not only local but international media feel safe and secure during their professional assignments.

The Prime Minister lauded the role of Pakistani media in strengthening democratic institutions and restoration of judiciary. He assured that the government was trying its best to ensure that the criminals and terrorists accused of killing journalists would be arrested and brought to justice.

The Prime Minister also praised late Richard Holbrooke for his role as peacemaker in Bosnia and also called him a friend of Pakistan.