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Malala could be victim of anti-Taliban plot: Lord Nazir

Malala could be victim of anti-Taliban plot: Lord Nazir

LONDON: Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head last month, could be a victim of an anti-Taliban plot to launch a military offensive in Waziristan, stronghold of the Taliban militants located along the Afghan border.

According to a report carried by UK daily The Telegraph, Pakistani-origin Lord Nazir Ahmed said he believed Malala could have been shot as part of a plot to discredit the Taliban.

The Telegraph report said that Lord Nazir believed that the young peace activist might have been shot as an excuse to launch a military assault in the Taliban stronghold of Waziristan.

According to him, the town where Malala lived with her family in the Swat Valley and there was no danger whatsoever from militants.

He was quoted saying as, "I don't know why it happened and one reason could possibly be there's an operation in Waziristan (which) may possibly be on the cards or some other sort of action."

He further stated, "It could have also been to build and increase public opinion and support in favor of a Waziristan operation and God forbid, she could have been caught as a tool in that conspiracy." (Monitoring Desk)

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