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Merkel felicitates PM Imran, reaffirms German support for war on terror

Merkel felicitates PM Imran, reaffirms German support for war on terror

August 19, 2018
By Irfan Aftab

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BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Imran Khan on assuming office as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.

"Germany and Pakistan share a friendly relation, in the next few years that should continue to be expanded and deepened," she said in a letter.

ReaffirmingGermany's support for Pakistan in its anti-terrorism efforts, she stated that Berlin will continue to support Islamabad's future economic development, thewar against terrorism, and the strengthening of democratic structure.

She expressed hope that PM Imran would improve relations with the neighbouring countries to bring peace and stability to the region.

"Your willingness to engage in peaceful dialogue with neighbouring countries will bear fruit and that Pakistan will contribute to further stabilising the region." the letter said.

Merkel noted that she looked forward to working with Pakistan's new premier and wished him all the best for all the challenges lying ahead.

According to the German Foreign Office, Berlin's bilateral trade with Islamabad stood at 2.6 billion euros in 2016, with Germany's exports to the country worth 1.1 billion euros and its imports valued at 1.5 billion euros.

Pakistan's exports to Germany include textiles, leather goods, sports goods, footwear, and medical instruments. Its imports, on the other hand, comprise machinery, chemical products, electrical goods, motor vehicles, and iron goods from Germany.

In addition, over four thousand Pakistani students are enrolled in several German universities.

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