More than 70% Pakistanis wear a mask for protection against coronavirus, survey reveals

January 26, 2021

The survey was conducted between December 24, 2020, and January 15, 2021

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Photo: Gallup survey

As many as 78% of Pakistan's population seems to be concerned about their health and is taking preventative measures against COVID-19, a new survey has found.

Conducted byGallup Pakistan, in collaboration with Jang-Geo News Polls, more than 1,000 partook in the survey. According to the results, the majority of the masses (78%) are using a mask to save themselves from the novel coronavirus.

The survey was conducted between December 24, 2020, and January 15, 2021.

Photo: Gallup Survey

Preventative measures

When survey recipients were asked about "what preventative measures they are taking against COVID-19," 78% said that they are using a mask. Meanwhile, 51% said that they wash their hands frequently. Some 47% of the respondents indicated that they use a hand sanitiser to keep themselves safe from the virus, while 27% of people said they used gloves.

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About 19% said they prefer staying at home most of the time to prevent themselves from contracting the infection, while 4% opined that quarantining at home is the safest way to prevent the virus from spreading. On the other hand, 13% of the respondents said that they are not taking any kind of precautions against the virus.

Worry about people not wearing a mask

When asked about feeling worried in public places when people avoid wearing masks, 50% of the respondents said they do not feel worried about it. Meanwhile, 46% said they feel worried when people do not wear a mask in public.

Photo: Gallup Survey

When asked about shops and shopping centres which people frequent without wearing a mask, 51% said they do not feel worried about it, while 46% said they feel concerns for their safety.

In terms of offices, 50% of professionals said they do not feel worried when their coworkers come to work without a mask, while 46% said they feel concerned for their safety when their colleagues show up without a mask.

Neighbours taking precautions

When asked if people's neighbours wear a mask, 57% said they have observed their neighbours wearing a mask, whereas about 42% indicated that their neighbours do not wear a mask.

Photo: Gallup survey

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