Wednesday Dec 30 2020
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65% of Pakistanis are happy despite all problems in life, Gallup survey shows

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Despite the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing economic crisis in the country, 65% of Pakistanis say they are happy with their lives despite all the problems, a recent survey has revealed. 

The "End of Year Survey 2020" was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, in collaboration with Gallup International Association and Jang-Geo News Polls.

More than 1,000 people from across the country participated in the survey, which was conducted from October 9, 2020, to November 2, 2020.

According to the survey, about 25 % of Pakistanis said they are unhappy, while about 8% indicated they are somewhere "in between" happy and unhappy. About 2% of the participants did not respond to this question. 

Pakistanis were happiest during PML-N's tenure

In 2020, the net score of happiness among Pakistanis stood at 40%.

In comparison, in 2016 — during the tenure of PML-N — the net score of happiness reached its peak with 71%. In 2017, the net score reduced to 48%.

On the other hand, the net score of happiness during the first year of the PTI government (2018) increased to 65%, but it again reduced in 2020.

Pakistan's global averages

When Pakistan's net score for happiness was compared with 46 other countries in 2020, Pakistan showed a global average of 54%, the survey revealed.

Similarly, the global average of Pakistanis for "being unhappy" stood at 14%, and the global average for being somewhere "in between happy and unhappy" stood at 31%. 

Happiness among Indians and Afghans

As compared to Pakistan, 64% of Indians indicated they are happy with their lives in 2020. By comparison, 48% of people in Afghanistan said they were happy during the current year.

Which country has the happiest people in the world?

According to Gallup's Happiness Index, people of Kyrgyzstan emerged as the happiest with a net score of 85%, followed by Kazakhstan with 78%, and Colombia and Ecuador with 77% each.

People of Azerbaijan showed a global average score of 76% in terms of happiness, while Nigeria showed a 70% global average score.

In terms of the unhappiness, North Macedonia remained on top with a global average of -3%.