Breathtaking views after Saudi Arabia receives heavy snowfall

April 20, 2021

Citizens post breathtaking photos of snow-covered deserts and mountains on social media


The weather turned pleasant in different parts of Saudia Arabia after the country faced heavy snowfall and thunderstorms.

According to Geo News, citizens from several cities, including the north-western city of Ha'il and theAseer province, have been posting photos of snow-covered deserts and mountains on social media.

Heavy rains and snowfall were witnessed inKhamis Mushait, a city in south-west Saudi Arabia,Tanuma, and Al-Namas.

According to the Saudi Arabian Meteorological Department, heavy thundershowers are expected in Jazan, Asir, Al-Bahah, Makkah and several other areas.

Earlier this year, the country's Aseer region had experienced heavy snowfall, urging locals and foreigners alike to flock to the plains to witness the spectacle.

Half a century has passed since the temperature in Saudi Arabia’s Aseer region dropped below freezing.

Feature image courtesy: Abdullah Al-Saleemi via Twitter.

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