Bedlam at vaccination centre in Karachi's Lyari as visitors, police clash

August 01, 2021

Police forced to baton-charge queued up citizens who had begun to push one another out of restlessness

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Karachi's vaccination centres continued to be overrun for a second consecutive day on Sunday, with scenes of utter chaos witnessed in particular at Lyari General Hospital, where police were forced to baton-charge citizens to bring the situation under control.

The city, which is under lockdown till August 8, was for the most part deserted today, with sparse amounts of traffic on the roads. Public transport, which is restricted to only carrying passengers going to vaccination centres, was also seen to be missing.

Sindh lockdown: What will be open, what will remain closed

Vaccination centres, however, including the Expo Centre, saw long queues of people.

At the Lyari vaccination centre, people who had queued up for vaccinations, soon became fed up of delays and started pushing and shoving one another. This prompted the police present there to baton-charge the visitors. The doors were also closed to the public at one point.

After yesterday's mismanagement at the Expo Centre, a greater police presence at vaccination centres was ensured today.

Meanwhile, to avoid incidents such as these, the Sindh health department has announced 24 hour operations at designated vaccination centres in all districts of the city.

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