Friday Jul 30 2021
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Sindh lockdown: What will be open, what will remain closed

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Security personnel wearing facemasks stand guard in a sealed residential area in Karachi, Pakistan, on June 19, 2020. — AFP/File
Security personnel wearing facemasks stand guard in a sealed residential area in Karachi, Pakistan, on June 19, 2020. — AFP/File

Sindh has gone under lockdown for nine days, from July 31 to August 8.

The announcement on Friday by the provincial government has put people in a frenzy, not knowing what to expect.

For our readers' convenience, has compiled a list of places that will be open, and those that will remain shut in this period.

Exemptions for citizens allowed to move about are also outlined.

(Note: This article has been updated to reflect the amended orders by the Sindh government)

Which places will remain closed?

In a detailed notification, the government of Sindh said that a complete ban is imposed on the gathering of people for any purpose — social, religious, customary, business, sports, entertainment, recreation, education, training, coaching, examination or for any other purpose.

This means that all market places, shopping malls, wedding halls, government offices, sports and training centres, parks, amusement parks, gyms, salons, restaurants, schools, and examination centres — with the exception of Cambridge exam centres — will remain closed.


Small public transport

While transport within cities is banned, taxis, rickshaws and Qingqis can operate within the city.

Public transport

Buses, mini buses and wagons can only carry passengers to designated vaccination centres, for which they will have to obtain a temporary route permit from the Transport and Mass Transit Department.

Moreover, these public transport vehicles shall not carry passengers more than 50% of their prescribed capacity.

The entire staff of such vehicles is also required to be fully vaccinated and carry vaccination cards with them.

Private transport

The restriction of not carrying more than two persons in private vehicles has been waived off.

However, the number of passengers in private vehicles is restricted to the prescribed capacity of the vehicle concerned.

A previous ban on pillion riding has also been lifted.

Air, railway travel

According to NCOC, flight operations would continue in line with the previously issued SOPs and railways would operate at 70% capacity.

Essential services that will remain open

Essential services that will remain open are as under:

1. Health and related services like hospitals, medical stores, laboratories, vaccination services, manufacturers.

2. Food and related industry/manufacturers. Restaurants to only remain open for delivery. No dine in or takeaway allowed.

3. Standalone grocery stores, fish, meat, vegetable, fruit vendors, bakery shops, tandoors and dairy shops.

4. Essential municipal services.

5. Electricity and SSGC.

6. Water supply (including supply by tankers where essential) and sewerage.

7. Port operations, PNSC and custom services.

8. PTA/PTCL/NTC service staff.

9. Cellular companies service staff for repair and maintenance of towers/cables.

10. Banks (with limited staff for service).

11. Stock exchange, CDC and related services (with limited staff).

12. Petrol pumps.

13. Welfare organisations Chippa, Edhi, Seylani, JDC and others providing essential services.

14. Media persons authorised by information department, newspaper hawkers.

15. Any other class as may be deemed essential and so declared by the government.

Citizens exempt from restriction in movement

1. Personnel and establishments/premises related exclusively to export sector.

2. Personnel related to Health Services like hospitals, laboratories and medical stores.

3. Personnel related to law enforcing agencies enforcing/implementing this order.

4. Personnel related to essential services/offices going to perform their duties or providing essential services as declared in later part of this order.

5. Persons in need of medical care with an attendant where necessary.

6. Persons going for vaccination within their respective district of residence.

7. Person going to buy grocery and medicines in extreme emergency.

Detailed lockdown notification

Amended order

Some restrictions were rolled back on Saturday. The detailed notification is given below: