'Miracle baby': Cancer patient gives birth after CAR-T cell therapy

May 06, 2022

It is common for cancer treatments to leave women infertile which is why baby Walter is a miracle

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Sammy Gray, with partner Daley, and "miracle" baby Walter. — BBC/Kelly Couttie Photography

A woman who had life-threatening cancer gave birth to a baby miraculously after she underwent pioneering treatment, theBBC reported.

Sammy Gray, 26, was afraid that chemotherapy had left her infertile. However, she had her "miracle baby", little Walter, afterCAR-T cell therapy trained her body to fight cancer.

On February 23, Gray became one of the first women in the UK to give birth after such a treatment.

After her first daughter, Harper's birth in 2018, Gray was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which develops in the lymphatic system.

Even though she underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy, her cancer became aggressive and multiplied.

In 2019, doctors tried CAR-T cell therapy which had recently been approved for NHS in 2018.

It is common for cancer treatments to leave women infertile. Therefore, baby Walter is a miracle.

Gray said: "I wasn't petrified of dying but I was petrified of leaving Harper behind."

"The chemotherapy made me very ill so I couldn't look after my baby daughter, so Daley, my fiancé, had to be a full-time dad.

"I'm determined to make the most of every minute with Walter," she added.

Gray has been clear of cancer for the past year.

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