Authorities consider legal action against PTI UK leader over assault, threat to diplomats

May 29, 2022

Pakistan High Commission in London considering legal action against ex-PM Khan’s focal person for UK and Europe, Sahibzada Jahangir

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LONDON: Pakistan High Commission in London is considering legal action against former prime minister Imran Khan’s focal person for the UK and Europe, Sahibzada Jahangir, after he forcibly entered into the premises of the Pakistan High Commission, physically assaulted diplomatic staff and issued threats to them.

The incident took place on the day of PTI's "Azadi March" on May 25 when PTI UK also organised a protest outside the Pakistan High Commission building in London, demanding the announcement of general elections.

A source at the Pakistan High Commission told Geo News that serious notice has been taken and legal action will be taken against PTI UK’s leader for hooliganism and trespassing.

The high commission source said that the diplomatic police were called immediately after the incident and no further action was taken at the time, but that after reviewing detailed footage it has been decided that legal action will be taken against Jahangir and Shahid Destagir Khan, a solicitor, who also insulted the diplomatic staff by calling them "American and British slaves" for making the PTI delegation wait for about eight minutes.

In the viral videos, filmed by a group of Pakistani journalists, Jahangir is seen assaulting a bearded staff member of the high commission and issuing threats to a diplomat while speaking harshly to Pakistan High Commissioner Moazzam Ali Khan and a senior Pakistan military officer.

Before entering the building, Jahangir announced that he wanted to submit a petition to the high commission.

Videos show that Jahangir threatened the receptionist that he will not be allowed to shut the door and then forced his entry into the premises along with five other PTI supporters.

Jahangir then asked the receptionist to bring a senior diplomat to accept the petition and without waiting took control of the reception’s phone system and started hurling threats to the staff and the high commissioner.

When the receptionist asked him to wait, Jahangir pushed him physically and asked him to stay out or else face the consequences.

He asked the high commissioner on the phone that he and his staff used to salute him till a few days ago — while PTI was still in power — and all of a sudden the attitudes have changed.

Khan’s ex-focal person is then seen asking the staff to get him through to a serving Pakistan military officer and demands that he attend his call to receive the petition.

Jahangir asks on the phone what was the role of these diplomats who were receiving heavy perks from Pakistan but delaying to get the petition from him.

When the reception staff asked him to wait, Jahangir pushed him back, saying: “Don’t get involved, you’ll be beaten, shut up, not a word should come out of your mouth.”

From there, one can hear his telephone conversation with someone in which he says to the military officer: “Shame on you, the way you are behaving, I wonder if we have posted these insects in the embassy. You guys wear uniforms and you don’t know enough to say thank you and go inside, when you get a bite from a friend you say that ethics is also something, nothing happens.”

When a diplomat came to meet the PTI delegation, Jahangir threatened that as soon as Khan is back in power, he would make sure that all diplomats are posted to Daadu and other remote destinations to teach them a lesson for making him wait to accept the invitation.

A senior diplomat commented: “There is no doubt that Jahangir and his colleagues were full of arrogance and had violent intentions. The diplomatic staff showed extreme restraint and acted professionally to stop things from going out of control. The staff has been left shaken and traumatised by how the delegation behaved inside the premises which are respected by people of all belongings. Legal action will be taken to address the situation.”

Jahangir, who was recently appointed Khan’s UK and Europe focal person and previously served as his advisor on overseas investment, had announced the protest in Belgravia where the Pakistan High Commission building is located.

A large number of PTI activists gathered for the protest which went on till late at night.

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