Americans want video games to be taught in schools: survey

July 02, 2022

There’s a lot that can be learned from gaming, says publishing director at Wargaming

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In a survey conducted by OnePoll, 54% of American adults want video games to be taught in schools, with 41% saying that it should be taught in elementary school and 42% in favour of video game education starting in middle school.

Video games are insanely popular — with the average person starting to play at the age of 11.

In another survey, 88% of college students said they would major in gaming if possible.

Of the college students interested in a gaming career, 60% said they would want their studies to include content creation communications and streaming, 50% said gaming proficiency and 50% said graphic and technical skills.

“Just like in math, social studies and reading classes, there’s a lot that can be learned from gaming,” says Artur Plociennik, publishing director at Wargaming, in a statement.

“Giving kids a place to develop real-life skills in video games is something that can give them a bright future that is as fun as it is lucrative.”

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