WATCH: Fight breaks out between bride and groom during wedding rituals

August 09, 2022

Video shows groom stopping wife as she tries to feed him which ends up in a fight between the two

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The picture shows a groom and bride fighting.— Screengrab/Instagram

Weddings around the world are filled with fun, chaos, and many rituals which can leave the bride and groom tired and annoyed.

This one video has been making rounds on the internet in which a newly-wed couple could be seen fighting during the wedding ritual.

In the video, the bride could be seen sitting together at the mandap (a pillared hall or pavilion for Hindu rituals) when they start the ritual of feeding each other.

The video shows the bride moving her hand towards the groom to feed him, however, he stops her. This angers the bride and the couple ends up pushing and pulling each other.

The people around the couple try to stop them from fighting.

However, the video ends with the groom having a smile on his face which shows that this might be a playful fight.

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