Meghan Markle will bring 'Kardashian-style' affair to King Charles coronation

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February 07, 2023

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might not get King Charles coronation invite

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not advised to be invited to King Charles' coronation.

Royal expert Esther Krakue believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will bring a Kardashian-style drama to the ceremony.

Ms Krakue says: "[The Palace] feels like if they invite the Sussexes they can get ahead of the story because, one way or another, they will still feature in the coronation whether they are there or not," claimed Ms Krakue.

She added: "They have made sure that whatever happens with the royals, the spotlight is on them as well."

Ms Krakue told Sky News Australia: "So, I kind of understand the stance the King is taking, but the reality is: The coronation is still a public affair, it's still a public event. I think many Britons are getting quite sick of this saga.

"It's a tradition that we love and we would just like to perpetuate it and have it relevant to modern times. I don't think we want to carry on this Kardashian-style ridiculous affair to the coronation, which is exactly what would happen if the Sussexes do attend," she noted.

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