Russia's fresh airstrikes pound Ukrainian bases in escalating conflict

Ukraine seeks a demilitarised zone, while Russia insists on a military presence

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
A firefighter works at a site of a private house damaged by remains of a cruise missile during a massive Russian air strike, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv region, Ukraine May 29, 2023.—Reuters

In a dangerous escalation of the ongoing conflict, Russia has launched a fresh series of airstrikes targeting Ukrainian military bases.

Simultaneously, Ukrainian forces retaliated by shelling industrial facilities inside Russia, intensifying the hostilities between the two nations.

The latest wave of strikes comes as both sides vie for the upper hand in anticipation of a decisive counter-offensive by Kyiv. Amidst the chaos, civilian populations are increasingly caught in the crossfire, heightening concerns for their safety.

The Russian defence ministry, as reported by state-owned news agency RIA, claimed that multiple Ukrainian air bases had been hit in the strikes. While Ukraine confirmed damage to one military target, details about other affected bases remain undisclosed. The airstrikes have inflicted serious damage, with ongoing efforts to restore runways and significant losses of aircraft reported in the Khmelnytskyi region.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv faced yet another devastating attack, marking the 16th assault this month alone. Residents sought refuge in metro stations as drones and missiles filled the skies, although reports indicate that most incoming threats were successfully intercepted. However, tensions persist as the conflict intensifies, raising fears of further civilian casualties and infrastructure damage.

As Ukraine prepares to regain control of territories seized by Russia since the beginning of the conflict, the situation grows increasingly volatile. The recent attacks represent a significant escalation, jeopardising any prospects for a peaceful resolution. Amidst the chaos, casualties continue to mount, with two deaths and several injuries reported in the eastern city of Toretsk.

The international community remains deeply concerned as the conflict shows no signs of abating. Efforts at mediation have so far yielded limited results, leaving the region on edge and prompting urgent calls for a de-escalation of tensions. The gravity of the situation necessitates immediate attention and decisive action to prevent further loss of life and protect the security of the affected populations.