King Charles showcases 'haunted look' like Prince Harry before Megxit

King Charles pretends to be relaxed on his recent trip to The Coptic Orthodox Church

Thursday, December 07, 2023
King Charles showcases 'haunted look' like Prince Harry before Megxit

King Charles is spotted under 'subtle' pressure during his recent trip.

The 75-year-old, who is under media scrutiny after the release of Omid Scobie's book titled 'Endgame,' is sad to be hiding his tension behind a calm smile.

Commenting upon his visit to The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre this Tuesday, body language expert Judi James tells "The dimpling on Charles’s upper cheek as he bends to plant the tree suggests he has approached this post-Scobie outing with good humour and stoicism."

She added: "At one point his face is even wreathed in smiles that create deep grooves around his eyes and down alongside his mouth, suggesting authentic humour and delight to be there with his hosts.

"Sitting in the pew his posture suggests he is relaxed as he listens, and when he is standing addressing the group in his rather dapper, chipper-looking tie and hanky combo, plus the way he holds the mic aloft and gesticulates animatedly with the other hand, suggests he feels he is among friends and is enjoying the performance moment."

Ms James then conitnued: "There are only two subtle hints of any feelings of pressure behind the scenes here: Firstly, his eye expression.

"During brief moments in between smiles his eyes have a similar but much subtler ‘haunted’ look that Harry wore so much before he quit the UK, although for Charles it looks reflective rather than wary. And Charles does appear to be looking a little slimmer than usual here."