Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's 1976 $4 check fetches fortune at auction

Steve Jobs's letter auction follows a growing trend of surging interest and high values associated with Apple founder's...

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Friday, December 08, 2023

Apple's co-founder, Steve Jobs, continues to make waves in the memorabilia market as a $4 check written to Radio Shack in 1976 was recently auctioned for an impressive sum of over $36,000 at RR Auction in Boston.

This follows a growing trend of surging interest and high values associated with Jobs' signatures and artefacts.

Last year witnessed a $9.18 Apple Computer check signed by Jobs in 1976 fetching $55,000, while another check from the same year, amounting to $13.86 and payable to Elmar Electronics, sold for $37,564 in March.

The recently auctioned $4 check adds to this momentum, emphasising the enduring appeal of Jobs' historical items.

Notably, Jobs' signatures have become sought-after collectables. His signature on a job application from 1973, considered his earliest known signature, sold for $174,757 in 2018.

The auction market extends beyond signatures to include items like worn-out Birkenstock sandals worn by Jobs, which sold for $218,750, marking the highest price ever paid for sandals at auction.

The check-in question bears Apple's first official address, highlighting the historical significance of the artefact. According to RR Auction, the item comes from a private collector who has held it since the 1990s.

The auction house acknowledges Radio Shack as an "unsung hero" of the personal computing revolution, emphasising its impact on tech innovations in the 20th century.