What is best time to book air tickets at cheaper prices?

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February 24, 2024

Booking flights in advance is advised if you intend to travel over holidays as airports get congested during this time of year

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No matter how frequently you travel, it is always a relief to save money on flights.

It's common knowledge that booking flights in advance is advised if you intend to travel over the holidays as airports are known to get congested during this time of year, CNBC reported.

Regardless of where you decide to travel, purchasing your tickets in advance helps save money.

Here are some tips to help you find the cheapest rates.

How to find cheap airfare?

When searching for low-cost flights, you should seek a window of time when low-cost tickets are most likely to become available for both domestic and international travel, as opposed to focusing on specific dates.

Such as, if it’s an off-peak season then booking one to three months prior has a higher chance of you getting cheaper airfare, while travelling during peak season, it's ideal to book tickets three to seven months in advance.

Follow 21-day rule for last-minute travel

If you can't book prior, then experts suggest following the 21-day rule which is to book 21 days before the departure date, as stats suggest that airlines raise their prices after this deadline.

What is the most affordable day of the week to travel?

While buying on a certain day might not result in a lower airfare, the time of year you want to travel can have an impact on the cost of the ticket. In general, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are less expensive than Mondays and Fridays.

Early morning flights are also less popular since people usually prefer waking up later for their flight.

When to use airline miles for travel?

Flight expert Scott Keyes suggests using airline miles when booking last minute or when travelling during peak season.


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