What to expect from new Apple iPad?

Unveiling ceremony will be streamed on Apple TV app

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April 23, 2024
Event of the iPhone maker is slated next month. — Reuters
Event of the iPhone maker is slated next month. — Reuters

American technology giant Apple has decided to unravel its products on May 7 this year with a special focus on the new tablet with OLED screen, reported Gizmodo.

The event of the iPhone maker is set to take place next month on Tuesday commencing at 10am ET 7am PT.

During the first event update of this year, released by the CEO Tim Cook, the post was featured by the Apple pencil.

According to the website, the unveiling ceremony will also be streamed on the Apple TV app.

The users of the tech giant are expecting to release its OLED iPad Pro which reportedly with displays of 11.1 inches and 13 inches and is 1mm thinner than the current iPad Pros.

The reports citing rumours also underline that the new iPad Pro OLED will utilise Apple’s M3 chip — currently found in the MacBook lineup.

Users are also expecting some changes in the Apple Pencil as people are anticipating an upgrade in the iOS 17.4 code.

On that big day, the company would also reveal its new iPad lineup, with version updates in the iPad Air and other accessories.